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Maureen Clyne

Maureen Clyne (Year of 1975)

The site provides information on the role of the the thirty-four American high schools opened in Germany by the United States Government (USG) during the Post-War period. Interviews and biographies of members of the BAHS Alumni Family; a history of the US engagement during the Cold War.

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The US Mission in Bonn served as the “front line” of the Cold War. Our country’s close partnership with then-West Germany played a critical role in maintaining peace and prosperity in the West and indeed throughout the world. Those of us who grew up in Bonn during that time feel proud to have been a part of a unique moment in history, a moment that shaped millions of lives, including our own. We still remember the Berlin wall, Checkpoint Charlie and the Duty Trains between Frankfurt and Berlin – things that as children we accepted as part of our daily lives and yet, on a larger scale, were stark reminders of a divided Europe. And we are fortunate enough to have witnessed the revolution that brought down the wall and reunited Germany.



As children, the American community in Bonn was an idyllic location. We fondly remember our trips to the farmer’s market in downtown Bonn; bike rides along the Rhine, and expeditions to the Drachenfels. One highlight of our experience in Bonn was the friendliness and generosity of our German neighbors.

At the Bonn American High School Alumni Association Reunion, we will celebrate the only true hometown many of us have ever known: Bonn.

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Maureen A. Clyne,