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Jennifer Houghton

Storybook career of a BAHS-graduate

In the real world she would rather have studied medicine…  

Jennifer Houghton

Marshall Warfield

A young teacher moved out to explore the world – and made him a true cosmopolitan.

This time I was fortune to win Marshall Warfield, a teacher in BAHS during the Time from 1972-1976 for this Interfiew. Savour his story.  

John Tate

A teacher that left a great impact on so many of us. 

Our three children did all twelve years of school at Bonn and our daughter was in the last graduating class. I could not have wished for a better situation for my family John Tate tought in Bonn upon the closure of BAHS in 1997.

John Tate


Kantathi Suphamongkhon

Born April 3, 1952 in Tailand. He is a Thai diplomat, politician and university professor. He served as Foreign Minister during the administration of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra from 11 March 2005 until the military coup d’état on 19 September 2006. (Wikipedia)

The Best Reunion Ever

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Thank you all again for an absolutely fabulous weekend! I woke up this morning expecting to join you all for breakfast in the hotel restaurant and was disappointed to discover that I’m no longer in Bonn. This was by far the best reunion I’ve ever attended - it was really special.
Maureen Clyne
Maureen Clyne
Class from 1975

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