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Bonn among top 10 destinations for 2020

The Lonely Planet travel guide has placed Germany’s former capital, Bonn, among its top 10 cities to visit in 2020. Austria’s second city, Salzburg, topped the list, ahead of Washington, DC.

Bonn is a wonderful place to live…

As a university town, home to international business, host to United Nations organizations headquartered in Germany, Bonn is a vibrant, diverse city of over 300,000 inhabitants. It unites the advantages of large metropolitan cities (great network of public transportation, international population, variety of entertainment and spectacular museums) with the benefits of smaller towns (high quality of life, close proximity to schools and shops).

The city is known for its dedication to the arts. The Museum Mile features highly-acclaimed galleries with an emphasis on modern art. For music fans, Bonn hosts the annual Kunst!Rasen in the summer, Beethoven Festival in September, a number of musical competitions, and an opera house.

Simultaneously, Bonn residents take advantage of many opportunities for outdoor recreation. The city is nestled on the banks of the Rhine River and at the foot of the “Seven Hills” region. There are countless bike paths along the river and in the local forests leading into and throughout the city, as well as out into the surrounding countryside. Hiking paths connect sightseeing points, villages and vineyards. Ferries and tourist boats ply the Rhine and provide easy access to points just outside the city.

Founded over 2000 years ago by the Romans, Bonn has a proud and rich history, including service as the capital of Germany from 1949 to 1990. After the federal government officially moved to Berlin in 1999, Bonn re-positioned itself as a centre of technology, innovation and development. Bonn is regularly designated as one of the top 10 places to live in Germany.

Lonely Planet lists Bonn as No. 5 among top 10 destinations for 2020

The City of Bonn publishes its own English-language website called Bonn International. It regularly informs people new to the region of events and services relevant to the international community. On this website, you can find useful information about:

how to find a job in and around Bonn

living in Bonn (housing, formalities, medical care, transport system, useful services about public holidays, opening times of shops …)

leisure time and social activities, culture and sports

educational institutions in Bonn

international events

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