Beulah Nel (Els)

Our beloved Beulah passed away unexpectedly at her home in South Africa in the night of 30 January 2017. She was a successful Business woman and Entrepreneur, a supermom and in general the sun in many peoples lives. She is being missed tremendously by family, friends and colleagues. Beulah attended BAHS from 1976-1982, a real Crusader at heart. Gone but never forgotten.


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  1. In my heart you are the one
    We still belong even that you are gone
    In the realm of the Angels you stay
    Send me a message if you may
    You know how much I love you
    Regardless of the stray
    I will carry you in my memories
    Without pain and misery
    Every time it rains
    My heart cries and smiles
    To know you are in the heavens
    I can’t wait to meet you there
    The days pass without you faster
    Soon I will hear your laughter
    I hope I won’t wait long
    To be with you where I belong.
    I love you babies for infinity and beyond

  2. Whether on the track in Bonn, visiting in South Africa, or corresponding over the last 35 years, Beulah was a treasure of a friend.

    My fondest memory was her proud hostess of my two week visit to her home land. Beulah unabashedly introduced me to her extended family and the beauty of her country. Although I wasn’t allowed to keep the gold bar from our mine tour, she’s still golden to those of us blessed to know her.

    RIP, fellow Crusader.

  3. YOU were a superstar, friend, and a courageous mother. You stood up when wrong came your way. You always supported your childrens needs even from far away. Selfish never crossed your path because you never let it happen. Your family and friends love you dearly even after life. You taught me never to give up. I learned about Africans from you and only you. Everything is and always will be special about something you did because you loved life. My dearest friend I was blessed to teach Bianca because of you.

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