Bonn American High School Pasta Bar February 2018. – fröhlich mit Maureen Clyne, Deborah Marling Mellis, Ann Maas Wagner, Darren Norwood, Randi Bryn Simenson, Kathleen Lahey, Alex Byers, Teresa Lauderdale und Nick Shears hier: Great Falls (Virginia).

Bonn American High School Pasta Bar 2018

Front row, L to R - Diane Kosciolek Schneider, Debbie Marling Mellis, Randi Simensen Metzger, John Metzger, Wendy Hilton, Nick Shears. Back row, L to R - Kristen Simensen Maxson, Maureen Clyne, Ann Maas Wagner, Darren Norwood, Storm Simensen, Kathy Lahey, Alex Byers (back), Teresa Lauderdale, Ricarda Simensen

Maureen Clyne

On February 18 the DC area “Bonn Supper Club” met for a night of fabulous pasta, amazing desserts and (as always) great conversation and funny stories at the gorgeous home of Debbie Marling Mellis. The Bonn Supper Club began about a year or two ago and we get together every month or two for a potluck dinner, each one with a special theme - fondue, a chili cook off, brats & beer, New Years and this time, an Italian Pasta Bar. And of course beer, wine and other adult beverages. And after a couple of those beverages, the stories pour out.


Remember the tour of Mosel Valley wineries we took in 7th grade? Wait - we went on one of those in 9th grade too - can you believe they put 12 and 14-year olds on a bus to go drink wine for a weekend?? How about the enterprising alum from the 60s who had a thriving business “re-purposing” booze from the Commissary? He sold it to high school students who took the bus to Wiesbaden every week - out of his basement storage room. And those ski trips… just remember that what happens in Hinterglen stays in Hinterglen!


If anyone plans a trip to the DC area let us know - we’ll celebrate your visit with another edition of the Bonn Supper Club!
















Pictures by: Ann Maas Wagner, Kris Simenson Maxson and Wendy Hilton

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