Class of 1976

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1st row left to right: Pam McConnell, Julie Getz, Tami McGinnis, Mary Gutherie, Denise Gildea, Tulay Coban, Liz Eromobar, Andrea Franette, Marjan Hagenmoradi, Betsy Lee, Doreen NKama, Gina Schmidt, Jody Zettler, Christine Bachman, Liz Baker, Katie Kathleen McMahon Connell.

2nd row left to right: Kris Simenson, Randi Simenson, Linda Chaffee, Melinda Miller, Ralph Goehler, No Guess, Kenneth Dube, Juergen Knees, Bret Nelson, Lowell Larson, Yafa Vilnai, Christine Evans, Liz Fairbanks, Amy Ray, Barb Sally Harrington.

3rd row left to right: Carole Dewar, Jack Velte, Bret Nelson, Todd Doemel, Gaby Schlidt, John Swierszek, Marjan Hagenmoradi, Steve Kimbrough, Van Chuchom, Eugene Bellingham, Jeff McClelland, Paul Clayton, Mike Shaw, Phil Brown, Monte Gardner, Neil Lehnert, Ron Prosor, Jeff Zeller, Roberto Leopoldi, Liz Fairbanks, Jim Brown, Sandy Howell, Rob Jansen.
Photo and Text: Randy Steffen.

The Class of 1976 left its Footprint´s

Class of 1976

From the first shots of the Revolution to the first footprints on the surface of the moon, the impact of America and its people has been significantly felt around the globe..’in Europe… in Germany…in BONN!

George´s Crossing

Elizabeth Baker, Kathleen-McMahon-Connell, Randy Steffen, Linda Chaffee

The BAHS Spirit lives

Caution, risk of infection! No matter from where they come or where they go, the BAHS students spread the spirit of BAHS worldwide.


Melinda Miller-Wicker, Linda Chaffee, Monte Gartner, Barbara Harrington-Olson, Phillip Brown und-Kathleen McMahon-Connell


Janine Ferretti, …, Jimmie Brown, Linda Chaffeel






The whole group from the side…


Group picture 1976

Already in 1976 we know about the BAHS Spirit and lived it, as seen on this picture.

Very nicely staged her! I’m glad that the canopy has withstood – not sure if it would today;-).

The Spirit of 1976

Christine Evans Steadman has identified the folks on the ground. From the left: Kiet Luyendijk, Gaby Schlidt, Linda Chaffee, Randy Steffen, Andrea Frenette, Jeff McClelland, Jeff Zellner, Vicki Hensler, Christine Evans, Steve, Kimbrough, Doris Sakala, Julie Getz, John Swierszek, Tammi McGinnis, Anita Stephen, Neal Lehnert, Mike Shaw, Doreen Nkama, Thoula Frangos, Eugene Bellingnan, Yafa Vilnai, Amy Ray, Gina Schmidt, Van Chuchom, Elizabeth Eromobar, Joy Debhavalya, Christine Bachmann, Marjan Hagemoradi, Paul Clayton, Alexandra Nehren, Betsy Lee, Leilani Henderson.

Bonn - little america on the Rhine

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The American settlement in Plittersdorf is now a listed building. Road cruiser, cinema and club have disappeared
Jürgen Knees
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Savour also the Class of 1975