Johann Westerhorstmann

…their youths.
His family and his dear friends really miss Johan, and we will forever remember his tender smile and great quiet humor. God bless you, Johann!


share your memory’s about Johann with us below.


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  1. Probably the nices person I ever knew. It is hard to accept that he is no longer with us. A great friend and father whose personality, wit and charm blessed us all with so much grace and happiness. It is sometimes a lone and long time coming to the recognition of an individual like Johann who made and meant what life means when the emptiness of his absence settles in. Always will you be rembered and never forgotten. I’m certain we will meet again my friend! Thanks for everything!

  2. It’s saddening to lose such a talented classmate. I had the pleasure to play football, basketball, and baseball with Johann. He was an amazing athlete with a tremendous sense of humor. Even when you watched your back Johann would find a way to surprise you, and man did he do it with delight, to the chagrin of his target. Yes, I was one of his targets when when misguided the girls basketball team into the guy’s locker room as were showering after an away game. Over the girls’ screams (of delight?!) we could hear him laughing up a storm.

    I remember his quizzical look during a baseball game our senior year. I was exhausted while pitching (yeah, prom was the night before, or more accurately just a few hour earlier) when I called “time out.” I called him to the mound, told him I couldn’t pitch anymore, and asked if he wanted to switch places. I put on his catcher’s gear and he took it from there. Always the team player even in this rare occasion of an athletic position he never tried before.

    During a visit to Germany in 2011 from Iraq I had the opportunity to visit his Pizza Hut. Although he wasn’t there, I met his daughter and had a brief phone call with him set up by brother Mat.

    RIP classmate Johann.

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