Marcia Geyer

Marcia Geyer
Yearbook 1974

Date of Birth : July 15 1939

Marcia Geyer passed away peacefully September 28, in Melbourne, FL. All are welcome to attend and celebrate Marcia Geyer’s life. Condolences may be sent in memory of our loved English teacher.


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  1. RIP with huge and enormous blessings to Ms Geyer!!! I will always remember you and how you tried to enlighten me to literature, writing and so much more!!! I remember her Porsche, her smile and her patience. Such wonderful memories, and I sure she will be missed!!! Randy Steffen. Class of 1976, BAHS

  2. She is in some of my earliest memories of Bonn….back in the mid-60s and before BAHS became a high school, she was the young librarian, Miss Leamy, before she became the English teacher, Ms. Geyer. Rest well, Marcia. – Mike Lauffenburger, BAHS Class of 1978.

  3. Thank you so much for letting us know. I still think of her often. She encouraged us all in different ways and obviously had an impact on many. Peace to her spirit.

  4. Thanks for passing the sad news on to us. She’s been missed at the last few reunions and will be remembered very fondly by many, many people.

  5. So sad to hear of her passing. She has influenced and encouraged me so much as a shy teen. I have such fond memories of her –like always eating pretzels while reading. May she RIP… condolences to the family ❤️.

  6. Very sad news. Thanks for letting us know. I remember her well and loved having her as my English teacher. My thoughts are with her family. Johanna Drost Marshall BAHS class of 1978.

  7. I am so sorry to hear this news. She had a positive influence on me during my High School years. I still love to read and write. Thinking of her today.

  8. Ms. Geyer, was just thinking about her a few days ago, got to know her on a ski trip where she turned us all on to zinc oxide for skin protection and treatment! She was a great teacher both in/out of the classroom! Sending my sincere condolences to her family! She was well loved in Bonn , will never forget her!! Much love, Liz

  9. It’s so hard to hear of people I still think of as being young, passing away. So many memories with Ms. Geyer. She was such a big part of BAHS. RIP

  10. So sorry to hear this. She was always one of my very favorite teachers – I loved my AP English class with her.

  11. This is a very sad news. I was her student in 7th grade and she was such a good and caring teacher. Very sorry to get this news and bless the departed soul.

  12. Of all the teachers I was blessed to have, most of them from BAHS, of so many fine teachers at that school, she truly was one whose lessons and messages had some of the most lasting impact on me at that time and subsequently on the person I am today. I recall a small poetry creative writing class with Wendy Banning and Monica Gauthier, and few others, in which we produced two or three poetry booklets, collectors items by now I am sure. I have them packed away in a trunk in my attic, along with my Bonn “letter” and a few pins. One of her greatest gifts to me was instilling the discipline of journaling, and to this day I utilize that discipline regularly. I can still see her vividly like it was yesterday sitting on her desk, legs crossed in some sort of plaid skirt reading to us or speaking to the class, and …listening. I had the pleasure of corresponding with her for a short time about 10 years ago, and I thanked her for these lasting impressions. She touched many hearts with her gentle guiding spirit, and she certainly touched mine in a big way, a sweet soul she was indeed. I am grateful to have known her and have her as a “teacher”. Just as I finish this short memorial, the thunder begins to crash and the rain comes. May she rest in peace.

  13. Thank you for the update, Mr. Douglas. Ms. Geyer was the best English teacher EVER. Rest in peace, xo

  14. I remember Marcia fondly. She challenged me to read more and was very open different perspectives and the cultural changes that were taking place in the early 70s. When my parents were back in a Bonn in the mid eighties, I visited and had the pleasure of speaking with her. Afterward, for several years she and I exchanged Christmas letters, until one year she stopped sending them. I found out soon after that she had dementia. At least she enjoyed many years of retirement. My sympathies are with her family.

  15. Sad news. Susan Kincaid-van Noy do you remember when you, & I & Karen either acted or recited something about fires burning and cauldron bubble for one of her English classes? I have so many good memories of her. I loved when she would read to us.

  16. She was in a class by herself. She helped me believe in myself and she shared her love of learning and reading. She will be missed. May angels wings carry you wherever you are going Ms. Geyer

  17. Thanks for this Bill. MG was one of the good ones, despite my sometimes less than proper behavior she always treated me right. Sad to hear that she is gone…

  18. So sad. A wonderful teacher who opened the door for me to English litreature and Creative writing. As a language teacher today I often remember her classes. Ms Geyer sitting crossed legged on her desk reading to us…and then there was her cool Porsche!! Thank you Ms Geyer, RIP.

  19. Prayers for her and her family. She was a truly amazing teacher, mentor, and neighbor. May she rest In peace and live forever in our memories.

  20. Ms. Geyer was indeed an amazing teacher, She really cared for her students and was always there for us, I remember my first few months in BAHS , my English was very poor. I tried very hard to match the others, but I failed most of the time, Ms, Geyer gave me an ‘E’ for Effort ! She did not fail me. From then on , I climbed up the grades ladder .. D, C, B and even A’s. Rest in peace Ms, Geyer.

  21. A wonderful teacher…she was passionate about her students and reading. I never saw her in a bad mood, and I doubt there are many students who don’t have a memory of her sitting cross-legged on her desk…happily reading or reciting to her class. Ms. Geyer will always be a happy memory for me and my years at Bonn.

  22. One requirement Mrs. Marcia Geyer was that in order to enjoy the class one had to relax, stick to the subject, and be respectful all the opinion’s of others regardless of how opposite the views were and how vehemently one disagreed or agreed …. naturally …. sitting on her desk or floor … with a cup-a-joe. She really listened to all of her students and was engaged in the process of critical thinking … the process of a real education. I do miss her smiles, laughter, and sense of humor.

  23. So sorry to hear. Mrs Geyer’s teachings stay with me every day. I can truly say she did not only teach me grammar but also looked out for my soul. May she rest in peace.

  24. I remember she hated the word “alot”. She was a very inspirational teacher and beautiful

  25. As my ESL teacher in 7th grade Mrs Geyer helped to revive my self confidence which sadly was shattered in 6th grade. This renewed confidence remained intact for the rest of my life till date.

  26. The coffee, the smile, the “what will we talk about today?” I was not fluent in English, or Spanish, was in Spanglish [some argue that is the one], and was learning German. Patient she was, and she enjoyed all of us.

  27. Two enduring memories of Ms. Geyer. One was from when she was teaching us to do oral presentations, but instead of standing, we had to sit in front of the class and sit on our hands while doing the speech. I can’t remember if she was trying to teach us how hard it is to speak without using body language, or if she wanted us to learn to use purposeful hand motions. Either way, the experience stuck!

    The other assignment I remember was to rewrite the end of an Edgar Allen Poe story; I did The Cask of Amontillado. More than anyone else I can think of, Ms. Geyer inspired me to be (or at least try to be) a writer.

  28. She was an amazing Teacher,so much patience,so much grace and elegance……
    loved her class! RIP Mrs. Geyer…you will be missed ,but never forgotten
    -Diana Hahne-Gaedertz-

  29. RIP Mrs. Geyer I looked forward to English, you were always encouraging and inspirational. Ane I loved the Yellow Porsche

  30. Ms Geyer, In my senior year in BAHS (Class ‘81 ) had a Drama class in which we had to do Mime.
    That literally changed my life! After that experience I went studying in France with the mime Marcel Marceau and then after differents drama schools I joined the Theatre du Soleil in Paris (not cirque du soleil !) with whom I’m being playing around the world for more than 30 years.
    We will be playing in New York at the Armory on park Av. from the 5th until the 20th of December. Is there anyone in town with whom we can share memories of this beloved teacher? I will be in town from the 29th of November until the 23rd of December
    Duccio Bellugi

  31. No better person than her, no finer teacher like her and no news so sad than knowing she is gone! Thank you for everything you tought us and the unforgettable memories which remain! You were BAHS too.

  32. I was blessed to have Ms. Geyer challenge me to excel in class. Her teaching style and encouragement inspired me to rise up to her high standards. As a kind teacher she modeled how we should grow to become adults who make a difference in the world. Ms. Geyer, you let a successful life with legacy you produced – RIP!

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