Michael S. Butterbaugh

Yearbook 1974

Michael S. Butterbaugh. Born March 6, 1935 in North Manchester, Indiana and died Dec. 7, 1998 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Mr. Butterbaugh was the Guidance Counselor at BAHS from 1973-1985. He was one-of-a-kind: a true champion of kids, someone who always wanted to help them succeed and reach their goals. He absolutely loved his job and enjoyed helping students each and every day. He was always upbeat and encouraging; and he always could find something special and positive about each and every student he met. Mr. Butterbaugh was an avid sports fan (especially Cubs baseball) and loved being the “Voice if tge Crusaders” as the announcer at all of the BAHS sporting events. He was disappointed when some serious health issues forced him to retire earlier than planned, in 1995. He was a wonderful, kind, gentle man who loved people and never knew a stranger. He would strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere, at any time. He also had a great sense of humor and was a master of puns! His favorite author was Mark Twain and he especially love Twain’s essays on trying to learn German. Although Mr. Butterbaugh never quite mastered the intricacies of German grammar, he never let that hold him back and would jump right in and do his best to communicate with the wonderful people of our host nation. He bridged gaps and brought together people from many different cultures and backgrounds. He would have been thrilled, I am sure, to have had the chance to keep up with so many former students through email and Facebook. Although he did always love to write and receive a good old-fashioned letter.


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