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Left to right, 1. Row: .Christine Bachnann, Miriam Eva Hofmann, Megan Hahne, Sandra Hines, Joy Varathorn, Jennifer Houghton (Niemann). 2. Row: Lisa Armetta, Kantathi Suphamongkhon,  Maureen Clyne, Petra Hebig, Kathleen Lahey, Maura Glatt, Ralf Goehler, Hagit Reuveni, Uzi Reuveni, Joke Felix (Schröder). 3. Row: Thomas Hahne,  Tom Goldberg, Norman Barth, Paul Goldenberg,  Christian Hahne, Hans Hahne, Jey Houghton, Wolfgang Hahne.

Offset Oktoberfest.

Theme-PARTYING ON THE “BASTEI STUBE”right next to the old Niederdollendorf ferry. Bavarian table-buffets so that everyone could choose according to their taste. Look at the great costumes!.

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Miriam Eva Hofmann, Jennifer Houghton

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