B💋NN Reunion 2017

Bonn, Thursday, August 31st – Sunday, September 3rd, 2017.

ALUMNI – joined this year for the community´s biggest event. For the All-Bonn American High School Reunion. They came home to Bonn, cought up with friends from the past; and lived the Spirit of BAHS.

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On the Picture we see left to right,

1. Row: Jennifer Houghton (Niemann), Petra Helbig, Christine Bachmnn, Sandra Hines, Steven Kimbrough, Maureen Clyne, Kathleen Lahey, Maureen Lahey Glatt. 2. Row: Norman Barth, Steve Graham, Kristine Kjersti (Simenson), Joke Felix (Schröder), Shavitri Joy Varanthorn, Kantathi Suphamongkhon, …, Hagit Reuveni, Tiya Graham, Uzi Reuveni, Thomas Hahne, Megan Hahne. 3. Row: Nook Supramongkhon, Jürgen Knees, Seve DeSanto, Hans Hahne, Jey Houghton, Wolfgang Hahne, Nina Herold, Paul Goldenberg, Christian Hahne, Tom Goldberg, Matt Westerhorstmann,

This little video from our reunion was created by Miriam Eva Hofmann The music is by permission of her friend Jan Willem van Delft. Some of the Pictures are made by Jennifer Houghton.

Hans im Glück

Hans Hahne ist mit der BAHS-Family verbunden wie kaum ein zweiter. Bereits 1960 kam er und seine Siblings nach Bonn. Seine unglaubliche Begeisterung und Faszination für die Stadt ist ansteckend. Da wundert es nicht, dass er es geschafft hat sein Unternehmen am Ort zu etablieren . Inzwischen ist er selbst ein eingefleischter Bonner geworden.

Damit nicht genug. Wer selbst brennt, kann andere anzünden. So war es Hans der die Initiative übernommen hat zahlreiche Mitglieder der BAHS-Family abermals nach Bonn zu holen. Der Spirit of BAHS steckt in jeder Faser seines Körpers und wird in seinem Handeln sichtbar.

We live the spirit of BAHS

We share the feeling

Caution, risk of infection! No matter where they go or who they encounter on their travels, the Bahs ambassadors spread the spirit of BAHS worldwide. They inspire with their experiences. They touch with their stories. And they inspire with a courage to discover the unknown.

One highlight hunts the next.

Every meeting changes us, every second gives us a new perspective, each look a new image for our memory – that is the Spirit of BAHS.


Check in at the Kameha reception. Later we were warmly welcomed by the mayor of Bonn “Ashok-Alexander Sridharan”.

House of the History

The House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany at the Museumsmeile in Bonn is a museum dedicated to German contemporary history since 1945. We had the privilege to investigate the hidden treasures.

Offset Oktoberfest

Theme-PARTYING ON THE “BASTEI STUBE”right next to the old Niederdollendorf ferry. Bavarian table-buffets so that everyone could choose according to their taste. Look at the great costumes! 

coming Event
Jennifer Houghton 2017

Back to School

We were Guests at the Bonn International School. The Board Chair had invited us to spend some time on Memorylane. We had coffee and cake there and left with the impression that we all had bin very privileged to visit BAHS. 

Rine Cruise

– to the Peace Museum Bridge at Remagen.

Winefest-themed dinner party

at the Bredershof in Königswinter.

Brunch for all

Before we sayed good bye we enjoyed a grand Brunch at the bon(n)gou, in the City of Bonn and let the last days pass by once again. A few visited the church service at the American Protestant Church in the morning.

Warmth, happiness, comradery

Dear friends ! Well, it would be an understatement to say I am overwhelmed by the happiness and positive feelings that came out of our BAHS reunion this past weekend. My friend, Kanthati Supamongkhon, who attended, said it best in one of his comments. I want to thank all of you that were with us for the warmth, happiness, comradery, and good spirit that you brought along to our intense, short time together here in Bonn on the Rhine. Travel safely and live well. Hopefully we will be able to put this together again in the future. Hugs to all of you from Petra, myself and my children. See you soon, wherever that may be..


Did und dat

A collection of pictures taken aside of the reunion. 

On memory lane...

Pictures of the past and present.

The Team

And it was our privilege to serve as team with support of the Crusaders’s mascot, who’s been with us all through the years of school and this reunion.


Miriam, Chris, Hans, Jürgen and Clarence.

Time to say goodby

It was wunderful to meet everyone of you and find this unconditional warmth and cameradery, as you only can find in a family – we are still overwhelmed. Time to say goodbye, until we meet again! View more Pictures.  

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Check out Up Coming Event. There are planes for an All-School Reunion in 2020.