The teachers at BAHS were similar to those around the country. Some inspired us to go on and do great things and others just sucked. Below are a few that stuck out in our minds, some for good reason and others too. We didn’t notice it at the time but the guy teachers sure had a lot of facial hair. Maybe it was their way of hanging on to their teen years from the 60’s..

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Mr. Marshall Warfield

Teacher for Social Studies and English. Coach for basketball, track, cross country and speech in Bonn from 1972 – 1976

Mr. Schofield

Social Studies

Mr. John M. Tate

Industrial Arts


Mrs. Marcia Geyer +

Marcia Geyer

Mr. Jim Manuel +

Jim Manuel was a beloved math teacher at the Bonn American High School for many years. He was the only teacher who attended the reunion in Washington DC 2014. At the age of 80, he travelled to DC by himself. He had a ball at the reunion and everyone was thrilled to see him. See Pictures

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Mr. Jeffrey Edward Dye +

Ms. Betty Keitel

Physical Education

Mrs. Hilda Stolz +

German Teacher

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Mr. Bob Agnew +

Physical Education

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Mr. Gorden G. Gartner


Mr. Michael S. Butterbaugh +


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Mrs. Lisa Thompson Armetta

French and German teacher, 1985-1995

Lisa Thompson 1986

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Mrs. Herris

Mrs. Harris


Mr. Wells


Mrs. Kincaid


Mrs. Miller


Mr. Van der Hoeven


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